The Ultimate Secret Of property valuer

make the right offer sand be able to close deals and this is exactly what I’m gonna reveal to you right now in the next few minutes step-by-step so that you can go ahead and get your virtual wholesaling business off the ground so let’s talk about step numbered the most motivated sellers in your market now I’m gonna tell you that there are a lot of ways to find the old I don’t you know this but these are just some other ways you can go out and find deal snow you know the problem and with the sky but there’s a couple problems.

10with this year right now this particular slide that I’m showing you number one is that for civil understand that you cannot go after everybody you cannot people look at this mess and say Perth Property Valuations my god I wanna do deals on it is a dubious as quickly as possible so gonna go after-and do all of them well that’s the first mistake that most people making a mistake that I made you really gotta bogus I’m wannabes to be able to make it work and read Hartwell a couple deals on your bio and then you could add other son to that equation but dole don’t try and go after.

everything yet your going to fail because I tell you that from experience because that’s exactly what happened tome that’s the reason why I almost didn’t make it as a race that investor although you have all these here I would say that I don’t like any of them Nunavut none of these are like nothing so even though she dismissed the bodies ways you can go out and get deals I’m telling you know don’t do it and and a huge problem.

with these leads that I’m just showing you right now is that there’s a lot of heavy competition with most of these lead sources if not of so you got your competition with other real estate investors there’s a lot of manual labor involved that for example bandits I didn’t go out and put those signs as we buy.

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